No Hack, No Pay

Why “No Hack, No Pay”?

Pure Value

You pay only if we get initial access into your internal network, without any hidden costs.


That means a network interface connected directly to your private network.

Real-Life Scenario

Let’s be honest:

Hackers start from a domain name only and they will try everything to get that internal access. We will do the same, we will not ask you to give us any type of extra information or to lift any limitation.

Playing cat-and-mouse with your defensive systems and SOC team will be fun!

Comprehensive Testing

We will try to “hack” into your organization by attacking the 3 main pillars:

Technology, People, and Processes.

What is our approach to “No Hack, No Pay”?

We simulate real-life attackers.
We will breach you through advanced techniques.
We are bringing something new, something “fresh” for you, different from the traditional penetration test.

Be happy that it will be us, and not a hacker with malicious intents.

We will test the people, technology, and processes

We will identify the weak entry points into your infrastructure

We will do everything without any lifting of restrictions (real-life simulation)

We will use zero-days if needed

We will compromise you through unexpected ways

We will evade your defenses (IDS/IPS, SOC, Firewalls, and so on)

We will stop once we got initial access

We will not cause any disruptions and we will try to be as much stealthy as possible

Are you up for the challenge?