Training & Security Awareness

Our team is able to deliver valuable training for your team, from Security Awareness up to advanced Penetration Testing Training.
We currently provide three types of trainings:
Level 1: designed for non-security related people, including developers, non-technical people, DevOps members, and others.
Level 2: technical courses that covers specific topics
Level 3: courses that cover syllabus of an exam certification, or a large scope of topics put together in a single course

Examples of Level 1 Training

Security Awareness
Secure Coding Guidelines
Security Best Practices in Cloud Environments
Implementing Security Testing within CI/CD Pipelines

Examples of Level 2 Training

How to Deploy Honeypots/Honeynets/Canary Tokens
How to Perform Network Scanning
How to Maximize Windows Event Logs within Forensics Processes
How to Perform Vulnerability Assessments
How to Perform Stress/Load Testing

Examples of Level 3 Training

Open-Source Information (OSINT) Investigations
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Course
Certified Incident Handler (ECIH) Course
Blockchain Penetration Testing
Exploit Development
Bypassing Security Mechanisms & Tools
Complete Introduction to Cyber Security
Threat Intelligence

Upper your game through cyber security training.